We’ve worked with Adminstrators and IPs a lot over the past few years because of the current economic situation. I’d like to tell you about a job we did recently with a road haulage company.

It’s starts with a familiar story. The company were finding the going tough and the MD had to make some tough decisions to ensure that the company had a future.

The decisions would include restructuring the head office with inevitable admin job losses, as well as downsizing the fleet size in the UK with tractor units and trailers being returned to various finance companies and also some very difficult decisions on which drivers to keep and which to let go.

The MD also had to consider exactly how and which process of administration would best suit him as he restructured the business. He eventually opted for a Pre-pack to ensure the company’s survival. There were additional concerns to be considered for example, the safety of his staff, his fellow directors and the drivers that he intended to keep whilst redundancies were being made. Then there were assets to be protected prior to being returned to the leasing companies. Some of the assets were in the yard yet many were bomburst throughout Europe.

He called our company Sec-Tech to ensure that everyone stayed safe during this difficult and emotional period.

Sec-Tech was able to liaise with the local police, the bailiffs, the appointed administrators and the company directors to ensure that the following occurred: –

• The company could function safely and securely on a day to day basis.
• All the staff were kept safe at all times.
• The administrators were kept safe whilst they performed their task.
• All company vehicles, tractor units, trailers and assets were protected.
• All loads including some very high value ones were kept safe.
• All tractor units and trailers that were returned to the various bailiffs and finance companies were returned in a controlled manner that best suited the haulier.
• Any persons who unfortunately were made redundant were treated with courtesy and respect but their access to company premises was carefully controlled.

The above list of actions were successfully carried out because Sec-Tech uses former police officers with a knowledge of the law second to none. Having Ex Police Officers on site ensured that control was maintained and a smooth transition of the company as per the pre-pack agreement whilst allowing the company to continue to function.

Our Operations Director Andy Redhead commented, “It’s never pleasant when you are involved in the security of a business whilst redundancies are being made, however by being professional and maintaining control, being courteous in dealing with all involved and showing respect and dignity to those being made redundant we can at least make things more bearable for all involved and ensure that everyone goes home safely to their loved ones.”

If you have any concerns with respect to security whilst going about your business then please contact us. We’ll be happy to give what advice and assistance we can to ensure that a difficult time is made bearable.

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