I commented last week via this Blog about the totally unacceptable behaviour of a minority and their unlawful, mindless violent criminal behaviour during the student protest demonstrations in London. Today the country has witnessed the latest demonstration in London and the not peaceful but violent actions of a minority who when the opportunity arose took every advantage to cause maximum disruption to the protest by committing acts of criminal violence. There is no doubt that many of the minority who attended London today were not students, and they came with no intention of peacefully protesting, rather they came prepared and equipped to act like the criminals that they are and act as pack animals.

The actions of these idiots, in my opinion, will have seriously undermined public sympathy for the students concerns over the cost to obtain a degree and the post degree debts they will have incurred as they set out on their career paths. The lasting memories of today will not be of students peacefully demonstrating, they will be of a lone Police Officer being surrounded and being kicked to the ground and still being kicked when on the ground – or the mounted officer being dragged off his horse and stamped upon – or the concern on the faces of Prince Charles and Camilla as their Rolls Royce was attacked on Regent Street.

I say again that we live in a country where peaceful protest and demonstration is a right, including the right to voicing opposition to Government action and decision that will affect certain members of our society. The students have a right to peacefully protest against the changes that we now know will be implemented by Government that will allow Universities to raise their fees to educate those students who attend their courses. I can sympathise with their concerns that to secure the degree they desire will incur increased debt that will have to be repaid at some stage. I recognise your concerns and your right to demonstrate those concerns.

Of course the country needs the next generation of Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Lecturers and all the other professions that require higher education to degree level. We are living in unprecedented economic times which may take a generation to recover from, and the education system needs to be at the forefront in producing the next business leaders for this country but, it has to be paid for somehow. I am a business owner and when I need additional staff I hope that any applicants for employment with my company have had the best education that they could obtain for but, just like before that education has to be paid for.

I am sure that there will be plenty who say the Police were heavy handed, or why did they not do this or do that? Those who committed the crimes today should be grateful that they demonstrated in a capital city of a country where the vast majority of the Police conduct themselves correctly and professionally in very stressful circumstances, otherwise there would have been a great deal more injured and the press would have had a greater field day with more sensational suggestive photography.

I hope that the Police can commit the resource necessary to study every frame of CCTV, still photographs and the film footage available in order to identify as many people as possible who committed offences during the demonstration so that as many arrests can be made and the judicial system makes examples of each and every one.

Finally, to those involved in assaulting the car carrying the Heir to the thrown this evening. Whether you are a royalist or hold other views about the Royal family, I put this point to you, no so many years ago your criminal action such as this assault seen tonight would have been seen as an act of treason and would have resulted in the gallows for the offenders. Just think about that for a moment.

And to see people hanging from the Cenotaph, a memorial to our war dead who fought for YOUR freedom as well as defacing the statue of Winston Churchill, the man who put the Great into Britain drew today to a very sad close indeed. May you hang your heads in shame!