It was reported in the press today that Police are investigating an alleged plot to blackmail Coleen Rooney.
The wife of Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney was reportedly the subject of a plot by three people who demanded a five-figure sum for handing over private pictures of the couple’s baby son, Kai. The photos were on a camera which was accidentally left at the MEN Arena, in Manchester, when the couple went to a gig by US band the Black Eyed Peas last May. Despite a search of the concert arena’s VIP area, the camera was not handed in and instead the photos were reportedly offered to a variety of newspapers.
The photos were family snaps of the 14-month-old toddler, of whom the couple are said to be very protective.
But police were called in last September and two men and a woman were arrested. They are now on police bail.
A Police spokesman said, “We are currently investigating an allegation of blackmail following an incident reported to us in September last year.
“As a result, three people – two men and a woman – are currently on police bail pending further inquiries.”
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