North Yorkshire’s chief constable has been found guilty of gross misconduct. Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell was given a final written warning after admitting disreputable conduct in a disciplinary hearing which met behind closed doors. Mr Maxwell kept his job and North Yorkshire Police said he was looking forward to continuing to lead the force but the decision has been met with criticism.
Tory MP Julian Smith said the current situation was “not acceptable” and called for the North Yorkshire chief constable to step down. Mr Smith said: “Public life, I believe is about trust, and no more so than if you are leading a police force. Having admitted that very grave issue, I believe he has to go.”
The North Yorkshire Police Authority also criticised him for not admitting his guilt earlier. The Independent Police Complaints Commissioner (IPCC), Nicholas Long, delivered a stinging attack on the “unacceptable attitude” shown by Mr Maxwell, who he said behaved as if he could “do what he wanted”. Mr Long said the Chief Constable’s reputation had been “seriously undermined” and condemned his “unacceptable attempt” to discredit the IPCC investigation.
Two members of police staff have already been dismissed over the affair and the disciplinary panel set up to investigate Mr Maxwell and Mr Briggs, chaired by Joanna Greenberg QC, returned their verdict yesterday.
In a written report, IPCC Commissioner Nicholas Long said: “The chief constable and his deputy are the two most senior officers in the force and are supposed to lead by example and set the standards for others to follow. “They chose to circumvent systems that had been put in place to benefit people they knew, while others were expected to follow the process.
“Mr Maxwell’s initial defence was that his actions were ‘direction and control’, essentially saying he could do what he wanted because he was the Chief Constable. That is an unacceptable attitude from such a senior officer. It is to be welcomed that Mr Maxwell now acknowledges and has admitted his gross misconduct.”
“We have been challenged by some senior policing figures and our investigators abilities were questioned by the Chief Constable in an unacceptable attempt to discredit the investigation. Today is the first occasion on which details of this investigation have been made public, and I am confident that will quash the speculation and gossip that has surrounded this matter.”
The IPCC also yesterday published details on former Deputy Chief Constable Adam Briggs, who faced misconduct allegations over his role in the case and had two of six counts against him upheld in December.
He was found guilty of failing to “challenge and report improper conduct” and “disreputable conduct” for which he received a sanction of “management advice”.
He retired from the force less than two months later after a separate dispute with the police authority and IPCC into how he spent £10,000 on “executive coaching”.

Lets just summarise what has happened here:

1. The chief constable admitted disreputable conduct
2. He was found guilty of gross misconduct
3. He attempted to discredit the IPCC investigation
4. He had an unacceptable attitude
5. He circumvented systems to aid a family member
6. His reputation has been ‘seriously undermined’
7. Two members of staff involved have been dismissed

A person in his position should lead by example yet he has shown a flagrant disregard for the law. He is clearly not a fit and proper person to hold such office therefore can anyone explain to me why he is still in position and why he hasn’t been dismissed? Your comments are welcome.