What a difference a day makes. On Thursday Sienna Miller’s Lawyers were offering to settle for £400k then on Friday they accepted to offer of £100k from The News of the World, after the tabloid admitted to hacking into the actress’ voicemail messages on her mobile phone. They also agreed to pay her legal costs.
The News of the World said it was “pleased we have managed to bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion. Several weeks ago we admitted liability in certain cases and offered a genuine and unreserved apology. We hope to resolve other cases swiftly,” the newspaper’s statement read.
The proposed settlement would include the provision of information by The News of the World “concerning the extent of the wrongdoing.”
Questions arise as to the veracity of the “information provision” to be provided by NOTW and one wonders if the case has actually been brought to a satisfactory conclusion. How far will the paper go to implicate itself when criminal investigations are still pending? This could be a nosedive into Pandora’s Box.
Bear in mind that Sienna Miller is the first celebrity to settle a claim since the tabloid admitted hacking the phones of several public figures and at least 24 breach of privacy claims have now been lodged against The News of the World by celebrities from all walks of British society. Rumours abound across the pond that a similar class action is being constructed by American celebrities, politicians and sportsmen who also believe their privacy has been similarly compromised.
Watch this space. But keep your cheque book handy if you are a NOTW executive.