Lord Prescott, ex-Scotland Yard boss Brain Paddick and Labour MP Chris Bryant have won the right to have a judicial review into the Metropolitan Police’s handling of the News of the World phone hacking scandal. The trio, along with journalist Brendan Montague, believed they were not given all the facts by police when they suspected they were victims of phone hacking by the Sunday tabloid. According to the group, there were human rights breaches in the police’s handling of the alleged cases.

At a hearing on May 12th, Hugh Tomlinson QC, representing the men, told the judge the case surrounded the ‘lawfulness’ of the way police officers dealt with the phone hacking allegations in 2006.

Earlier this month, actress Sienna Miller accepted £100,000 from the News of the World after it admitted hacking into voicemail messages on her mobile phone.

So, the benchmark of £100k has been set, more celebs are joining the list daily, the police are now in the firing line along with the News of the World. This thing is like a runaway snowball. It has a life of its own! Wherever it stops I’m sure it won’t be for a long time!