Many newspapers have reported today that Ryan Giggs is the footballer at the heart of the super injunction mystery involving Imogen Thomas. He is a high profile celebrity and I can understand why he would want to keep matters private were they to be true. What does surprise me is the other people who have allegedly used super injunctions in order to “protect their privacy.” Someone told me what to Google to access a list of people alleged to have super injunctions in force. The vast majority appear to be “C” & “D” list celebs who I would imagine the majority of people wouldn’t be in the least bit interested in.

We’ve long since said that many celebrities employ bodyguards who actually double as fashion accessories and stage props at red carpet events where they want to use their bodyguard to attract attention to themselves. Those bodyguards being the very large gym-bunny types with a shaven head etc. who clears a path through the crowd for his principal, the principal being the person he is looking after.

It seems to me that a lot of these super injunctions may be there to add some mystique and pseudo importance to individuals looking to raise their profiles as opposed to protecting their privacy.