Terenia Taras, 39, A former freelance journalist was arrested early yesterday morning at her home in West Yorkshire and questioned by Scotland Yard detectives probing into claims of phone hacking at the News of the World on suspicion of conspiring to intercept mobile phone voicemail messages.
As a staff journalist at the Dewsbury Reporter newspaper during the 1990s she contributed more than 30 articles to the News of the World and other national publications. It is also believed
that she once shared a north London home with Greg Miskiw, who worked in senior roles for the News of the World until 2005.
She is the fourth person to be arrested as part of Operation Weeting, a Metropolitan Police investigation set up in January into claims that phones used by celebrities had been hacked.
In the last month actress Sienna Miller settled for £100k and football pundit Andy Gray accepted £20k cash settlements from the News of the World.

Just over a week ago Ryan Giggs diverted the attention on himself over his extra marital affairs by becoming the latest celebrity to begin legal action over News of the World phone hacking. A spokesman for News International said he had not heard that Giggs had started legal action but added he was aware the Man Utd. star had been visited by the Met.

The company’s shareholders and non-executive directors are believed to be concerned about the way the hacking affair has been handled by Murdoch’s London lieutenants which all adds to the story as it seems to be becoming something of a runaway snowball creating a life of its own. The whole affair needs to be meticulously worked through to it’s correct conclusion however I wonder how many more arrests there will be and how many more celebrities take action before the matter is put to bed?