The revelations of the last 48 hours have been nothing less than appalling. Not only did the phone hacking by NotW investigators extend to Milly Dowler’s mobile phone which had a reporter actually delete messages to make room for more but there have been several additions to the list of those potentially hacked. The families of 7/7 bombing victims, the parents of murdered Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman as well as families of military personnel killed in Afganistan and Iraq. This isn’t seeking celebrity tittle tattle. This is preying on families in mourning when at their most vulnerable.

And now it seems that the News of the World is starting to pay the price. Ford, Vauxhall and NPower have suspended their advertising with the NotW. They have been followed by Sainsburys and O2. Amid claims that the paper may have hacked into mobile phones of bereaved military families, The Royal British Legion has cut ties with the News of the World and I have no doubt the list will continue to grow and I hope that it does.

I remember back in the 80s NUM Leader Arthur Scargill used to refer to the press as “scum” and “The filth of Fleet Street”. Here in July 2011 “scum and filth” would appear to be too good for those NotW staff involved in this complete and utter outrage. They have sank to depths hitherto unknown. May they hang their heads in shame.