John Yates, who is an assistant commissioner in the Met, said he deeply regretted not launching a second probe into the News of the World scandal two years ago. He said he had let down the victims and the Yard had been damaged.

‘I didn’t do a review,’ he said. ‘Had I known then what I know now, all bets are off. I would never have reached this conclusion. ‘I am accountable and it happened on my watch and it’s clear I could have done more. ‘I have regrettably said the initial inquiry was a success. Clearly now that looks very different.’
‘When we made the arrests in 2006 on the day we went to Wapping there was a Mexican stand-off, a lock down, and they wouldn’t let us in,’ he said.

A senior Yard source said Mr Yates would not resign, adding: ‘He is an honourable man and he has done the right thing in making a very public apology. Perhaps I should have been more demanding. I am accountable, and it happened on my watch, and it’s clear I could have done more.’ Said Yates

Hindsight: Yates said that if he had known then what he knows now, he would have upped the police investigation into the phone hacking
‘I didn’t do a review. Had I known then what I know now – all bets are off. In hindsight there is a shed load of stuff in there I wish I’d known.’

The £180,000-a-year officer – dubbed ‘Yates of the Yard’ said Scotland Yard’s reputation had been ‘very damaged’ by its failures.

Consider these points regarding Assistant Commissioner Yates:
1. He admits that his investigation was in his words “c**p”
2. He accepts he is accountable and that it happened on his shift
3. He admits he could have done more.
4. He admits he let down the victims.
5. He admits Scotland yard has been damaged by his actions

Now consider this. He states that went they went to Wapping in 2006 “They wouldn’t let us in” (I didn’t realise it was optional to deny the Police entry during a criminal investigation.)

Despite having been so poor at his job and clearly not cut out for it, he earns £180,000 per annum. That’s £3,460 per week!

Here is my prediction, now that he’s agreed to be the Fall Guy for the Police he’ll be allowed to keep his Pension and after a few years in disgrace will move into a nice comfortable position where he’ll be earning more than he ever did as a Copper! It stinks doesn’t it!