What an amazing few days in the News of the World phone hacking saga!

Rebecca Brooks is summonsed to give evidence to the parliamentry committee. She agrees to give evidence but in acceptance letter she prepares her defence by saying she won’t be able to say much because it might compromise the Police investigation. That smacks of the Maxwell brothers’ defence in 1992 when they referred every question to their counsel doesn’t it.

Rupert and James Murdoch decline saying they are “Too busy”. Serjeant at Arms despatches officer to summons the pair and with pressure from politicians they make a massive U turn and agree to give evidence.

Rebecca Brooks who has been protected by the Murdoch’s thus far (as she knows where the bodies are buried) resigns.

Earlier today (about lunchtime Sunday) Rebecca Brooks is arrested. Unusually for someone suspected of committing a criminal offence she agrees a time with the Met for the arrest which takes place when she walks into a Police station with her solicitor. Is this part of the ruse to stop her appearing next Tuesday in front of the parliamentary committee? We’ll know on Tuesday.

The allegation against police taking bribes from the NotW accelerate and the Britain’s most senior Policeman resigns. Sir Paul Stephenson says he is resigning with his “integrity intact” yet he resigns in the wake of revelations that he received a £12k spa break where News of the World hacking suspect Neil Wallis was a PR consultant.

This whole nest of Vipers is starting to unravel and before much longer I predict behaviour akin to rats on a sinking ship. The politicians have turned a blind eye for too long to the behaviour of the press because without cosying up to them they wouldn’t get the support they need. I think their may be a few Politicians heads on the block shortly too. And that the Police have been taking bribes will if proven sicken most people to the pits of their stomach. Britain’s Police force has always been the envy of the world yet I fear in recent years they have lost their values and pride. Lets take this opportunity to have a big clear out of the bad apples and reset the values to those of honesty, decency and integrity. A fiend of mine, a retired Police Superintendent once told me that, “integrity is non-negotiable”. Perhaps it’s time to send that message to all serving police officers to try and bring standards back to where they were not in a bygone age but only a few years ago.