A young woman was praised by a judge for courageously stopping two drunken thugs as they battered a defenceless man in a brutal street attack. Pedestrians and motorists looked on without intervening as the men punched and stamped on their victim’s head in the middle of a busy town centre road. Cars swerved around the men and some vehicles parked so the drivers could take a closer look, but only passing shopper Aimee Yule, 22, was willing to risk her own safety to stop the wanton violence, a court was told.

Simon Taylor, 31, and Ryan Piggford, 28, initially walked away when Miss Yule bravely approached, gesticulating for them to leave their unconscious victim alone.
Seconds later the men returned to continue kicking ‘innocent’ victim Jason Waters as Miss Yule was putting him into the recovery position.

She stood up and risked being hit herself by pushing one of the men away, before other passers-by then helped out.
Her actions may have saved Mr Waters’ life and both men were jailed on Thursday for four years and eight months after admitting grievous bodily harm with intent.

A shocking CCTV video of the incident was released by Durham Police out of concern over whether a jail term of less than five years was ‘appropriate’ for such appalling violence.
Miss Yule, a taxi controller, was shopping in Darlington town centre in July when the incident happened.

Judge Howard Crowson told Teesside Crown Court: ‘She was just a woman in the street, shopping bag in hand, appalled by what she had seen and concerned for the man who was receiving this unjustified attack.’

He added: ‘A great number of people passed by in their cars and she was the one person who thought it appropriate to step in.’
Mr Waters suffered a broken nose and fractures to his foot and hand, but was lucky to escape without more serious injury.
The court heard how Mr Waters fell into the road after being punched by Taylor, who then straddled him and repeatedly punched him in the head.
Piggford, who is said to have drunk 10 litres of strong cider, then joined in by stamping on his head six times.
It is at this point that Miss Yule stepped in.
She said outside court: ‘I couldn’t believe no one else was stopping to help him, there were loads of cars going past.
‘People were stopping and calling ambulances and the police, but no one came over. He got knocked out and there was blood coming out of his mouth.
‘When I approached they moved away, but they kept coming back to kick him.
‘One of them ran towards me and lifted his hand but I stood still and told him to leave. Luckily, he never hit me.
‘I was just sitting with him trying to stop them. I said “that’s enough, he’s had enough, please just leave it.”
I couldn’t believe more people had not stopped, cars had to swerve round them and some had stopped at the other side of the road to watch, but nobody came to help.’
Miss Yule said the incident left her badly shaken.
She added: ‘I wouldn’t normally get involved with something like that, but I just thought, that’s somebody’s son being stamped on in the middle of that road.’
It is unclear why Mr Waters was assaulted, but a disagreement quickly turned violent because both attackers were very drunk.
Detective Constable Neil Stannard of Durham Police said: ‘He could easily have died. He is lucky to be alive or certainly without any kind of lasting damage.’ The court heard both defendants had a severe drink problem.
The Philosopher Edmund Burke once said, “Evils triumphs when good men do nothing’. Well, so long as there are people in the world like Aimee Yule then world will be a better and a safer place to live.