FOOTBALL star Carlos Tevez, 27, won a motoring court battle yesterday because he can’t read English.
The £200,000-a- week Argentinian striker for Manchester City was cleared of failing to disclose who was speeding in his car. The millionaire said he was unable to read his court summons.
The player, who speaks English in interviews, was ordered to appear after being clocked doing 38mph in his £140,000 Bentley Continental GT in a 30mph zone.
A letter to his £4.5million mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire, asking who was driving got no response.
But the non-disclosure charge was dropped at Oldham after the court accepted that friends read his mail for him. Tevez admitted speeding and was fined £60 with costs and three penalty points.

Doesn’t this set a dangerous precedent?
• I’m not English and can’t read English.
• I am English but can’t read.
• I am dyslexic and can’t read.

I wonder if I ignore my next tax demand and tell HMRC I couldn’t find my specs and so couldn’t read it
they would be as understanding with me as Oldham Magistrates were with Mr. Tevez?