There was an article Last year (September 15th, 2010) in the Daily Star about footballer Peter Crouch’s fiancée Abbey Clancy being terrified that details of her relationship with Peter are about to be exposed as she’s lost her mobile phone which contains personal emails and texts from Peter. She said then that it’s the fourth phone she’s lost and she was terrified that the phones may end up with crooks. She hates deleting stuff from Peter and in her own words, “The phones would be dynamite in the wrong hands”
Just over a year later the headline in today’s Daily mail is,
Now there are those cynical types who may well dismiss this as simply a publicity seeking exercise on her part however, if you are having difficulty keeping your private photos, emails and text private Abbey then please reconsider the advice we gave you last year on this very blog!
We provide a service so that if you lose your mobile phone then all the information on it can be wiped remotely protecting your privacy. A replacement phone preloaded with all your contacts, messages and photos can be delivered to you the very next day. This service is available for Laptops too!
We can also provide an invaluable service for those who send SMS or MMS text messages and then later regret having sent it. We can arrange to have SMS or MMS messages deleted from our server and thus no longer visible on the recipient’s phone even after they’ve been sent.
This facility is delivered by former GCHQ Home Office Specialists to government and military standards.
It’ll reduce the publicity opportunities however it will keep what is private to you, private.