There was an excellent article by Mike O’Neill of the BSIA in this weeks Infologue online newsletter. He was pointing out that with less than nine months to go until the UK celebrates several high-profile events including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, time is fast running out for visiting VIPs and visiting dignitaries to secure Close Protection for their visit to the UK.
Clearly as many thousands of individuals prepare for their arrival in London there will be a significant increase in the demand for close protection services.
O’Neill commented “There is a commonly-held perception that the Metropolitan Police will provide Close Protection services to visiting dignitaries, but with police close protection resources already allocated many visitors will need to appoint a private company to provide Close Protection during the summer’s celebrations.
He added, “A good working knowledge of London’s geography, its culture and the impact of the events taking place is an essential requirement for effective close protection.” He continues. “Equally important is a close protection officer’s ability to adapt their approach depending on the individuals under protection; for example, an individual travelling with young children or family will have much more complex requirements than a person travelling alone.”

From our point of view here at Sec Tech UK we would agree with Mr. O’Neill that those requiring close protection should secure their services as soon as possible. Demand may well outstrip supply in 2012 so this really is a case of ‘Buy now whilst stocks last!’ Don’t be left out, sort your close protection now.