The ‘fare-dodging’ student who was manhandled off a train by a fellow passenger has defended his actions and claimed he was the victim in a video which has become a YouTube hit.

Footage of the teenage troublemaker being thrown off a train by a fed-up fellow traveller on the ScotRail service between Edinburgh and Perth has become a viral hit after being uploaded to You Tube.

It begins when a conductor is told the teenager doesn’t have a ticket and tells the driver of the train to stop until the youngster gets off.

When the youth refuses a shouting match ensues until a passenger, later referred to as ‘the big man’ leaps to his feet and frogmarches him off the train – and keeps pushing him off when he repeatedly tries to re-board the service.

A two-and-a-half minute video clip – ‘Scotrail No Ticket’ – was posted three days ago and has already been viewed almost 200,000 times.

But the 19-year-old student, from Falkirk, has since insisted he was in the right after being tracked down at his home by a local newspaper.
He said last night: ‘I had been out celebrating after an exam and I was half asleep on the train.
‘I did have a ticket but I must have handed over the wrong one to the conductor. The next thing I know this big guy is manhandling me to the door and throwing me off.
University student Sam Main, who is studying surveying, added: ‘I couldn’t believe it when the footage turned up on YouTube.’
He said he still has cuts and bruises over his cheeks (pictured above) and legs.
In the clip, the white-haired ScotRail worker tells the youth: ‘I’ll sit here all night pal. I’m getting paid for this but they (the passengers) will start moaning.’

The video continues with the lad protesting his innocence and claiming that he showed the ScotRail employee his ‘f*****g ticket’ while a group of stunned young children sit close by with their furious mother.
But the conductor adds: ‘No you have not. Stop swearing.’

The video goes on to show the boy, wearing a beanie hat, produce a single ticket that allows travel in the opposite direction.
The conductor repeats his previous threat telling the youth: ‘No you are off, we will sit here all night. Why should they pay and not you?’

It is at this point that a tall, heavyset passenger gets up, approaches the pair and asks ‘Is there a problem here?’ before declaring ‘No problem – right you, off’.
He then grabs the lad by the scruff of his neck and bundles him off the train, trying not to clatter into other passengers.

The teenager tries unsuccessfully a couple of times to barge his way back on before the train doors close. As the large man heads back to his seat the carriage erupts into applause and one passenger is clearly heard saying ‘Cheers, big man’.

While Sam himself has defended his actions on the train, the student’s father has called for the man who threw him off to be charged.

Sam was sitting exams today, but salesman Lenny Main, 43, from Falkirk, called for Mr Pollock to face assault charges.
He said: ‘This big guy has basically thrown him head first on to the platform. Sam’s landed on his face, and has a big graze. ‘He’s tried to get back in the carriage to get his bag.
‘He’s diabetic and all his things were in that bag – his medication, his university notes, his money, his mobile phone and his Ipod.
‘But he’s been thrown off again. This man has to be charged and have his day in court. He had no right to do what he did.
‘If I was him, I’d expect to be charged.’ He added: ‘Some of the comments about Sam online have been vile.’
Sam’s uncle, who asked not to be named, claimed Sam did have a ticket, but it was the wrong one.
He said Sam went to the railway station at Polmont at 8am to buy a return ticket, but was told two singles would be cheaper as he planned to return off peak.

He said: ‘He was sitting on the train when he noticed both tickets were for Polmont to Edinburgh Park, but he decided to concentrate on his exam and explain the mix-up to the inspector on the train home.

‘After his exam he went out for a few drinks. He got on the train and everyone’s seen the video, but he’s no fare dodger, he was just sold the wrong ticket and the inspector’s decided he’s off at Linlithgow.
‘The big guy’s got no right to get involved, and Sam’s face is cut up.
‘The footage is all over YouTube now and people are viewing it all over the world. ‘He’d had a drink and swore at the old man, but he’s no ned or fare dodger. He paid for a ticket but was sold the wrong one.
‘He’s spoken to police, and told them they can check CCTV because he bought a ticket. But he’s just trying to get on with his exams.’

A ScotRail spokesman said: ‘While we welcome the public’s support of our zero-tolerance stance on anti-social behaviour, our staff are trained in conflict management and we do not expect members of the public to take matters into their own hands.
‘We are investigating the incident, which appears to show a person travelling without a valid ticket, refusing to pay for the journey, and swearing at a staff member in full view of customers.’

Just a couple of points to ponder on this matter:

The student Sam Main did NOT have a valid ticket for the journey. He claims he handed the conductor the wrong ticket yet later claims to have had two to identical single tickets instead of one out and one return.

His Uncle claims the ticket office sold him the wrong ticket. Well, it’s up to Sam to check that he had the correct ticket not the ticket office.

Sam Main was instructed by the conductor to leave the train and he responded by refusing, swearing and being abusive. That he is a student, diabetic or on medication does not allow him to travel free or be abuse to staff.

His bag was thrown onto the platform by another passenger not ‘the Big Man’.

Sam’s Uncle he didn’t want to be named said, “The Big Guy’s got no right to get involved and Sam’s got his face all scraped”. I think the video clearly shows that Sam Main’s injuries were sustained when he attempted to get back onto the train which he had been told by the conductor to get off. Had he obeyed the legal and lawful instructions of the conductor he wouldn’t have sustained any injuries.

The Big Man said to the conductor, “Do you want me to get him off for you? To which the conductor replied, “Yeah”. The Big Man was therefore acting with the authority of the conductor and thus Scotrail.

There are a few couple of possible outcomes here:

1. The Police may well interview the ‘Big Man’ and possibly charge him with assault,
2. The Police may well interview the ‘Big Man’ and decide that no further action is necessary.
3. The Police may well choose not to interview the ‘Big Man’ after having viewed the video as they feel that no offence has been committed.

Well if common sense does not prevail and the ‘Big Man’ finds himself in court I sincerely hope that Scotrail provide legal defence for the ‘Big Man’. He offered assistance to the conductor which was accepted. Scotrail don’t want their staff to be isolated in such incident and want the support of the public.

We get told to ‘stand up and be counted’ and not to stand by if someone needs help. Well this was a perfect example of such a case. Let’s not punish the ‘Big Man’ for being a good citizen. Let’s not punish him for having the moral courage to do what was right. Lets remember the words of Edwin Burke, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”.

Finally I think that Sam Main’s, his dad and his Uncle all need to grow up a bit and accept that Sam was wrong. He did not have a valid ticket and he had no right to be abusive to the conductor or refuse to get off the train when instructed to do so.

Lets see what the next few days brings. Common sense or nonsense. Watch this space…..