With the Olympics fast approaching, the security of the nation is becoming an increasing concern. As will all major events extra security measures have to be in place due to the threat of terror and also the sheer volumes of people that will be visiting the nation’s capital. There have been lot of extra measures put in place in order to avoid a terror situation.

During the last week, security exercise Olympic Guardian has been taking place on land, sea and in the air and involves the Royal Navy and the RAF. These are practice measures put in place to deal with a major terror threat and more importantly preventing it from happening in the first place.

There have been a number of security measures put in place which include; HMS Ocean being berthed at Greenwich carry a number of Navy helicopters on board, ships being deployed to Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay and RAF jets and helicopters carrying snipers based at RAF Northolt. 13500 Military personnel will also be involved to ensure safety during the games.

There is also a possibility that surface-to-air missiles will be located at several points in London and dummy missiles planted too. This is causing some fears and concerns as some people think that debris could be strewn all over London should be missiles have to deployed. Due to their locations in residential areas the risk of this happening is quite high. However it is hoped that none of these should need to be used and are only there as a precautionary measure.