With the Olympics less than nine weeks away security is a major concern that no group nor individual should be allowed to use the Games as a world stage to promote their message or cause yet today, Tony Blair’s evidence to the Leveson Inquiry was sensationally interrupted when a protester burst in from behind the judge and branded the former Prime Minister a ‘war criminal’.

Gripping Lord Justice Leveson’s bench, David Lawley-Wakelin yelled that Mr Blair had been ‘paid off’ by US investment bank JP Morgan, suggesting that it had profited from the Iraq War.

A security probe has now been launched into how the intruder breached security at the Royal Courts of Justice to bring proceedings to a halt.

The dramatic earlier disruption echoed that of Jonnie Marbles who thrust a custard pie into Rupert Murdoch’s face during his evidence to a Commons Select Committee last year, provoking wife Wendi Deng to athletically leap to the mogul’s defence. The there was the interruption of the annual Oxford Cambridge boat race when a swimmer disrupted the race by swimming in between the boats.

Today’s drama began when the protester Mr Lawley-Wakelin burst from behind Lord Leveson through the entrance reserved for the judge alone, having managed to get past security to access the private corridor into courtroom 73.

As chief counsel Robert Jay QC, who had been leading Blair’s grilling, held his head in his hands, security guards jumped on the man to stifle the commotion and bundled him out of the chamber.

Lord Justice Leveson said he wanted an investigation into how the man got into the court through special access, security-coded doors.

In these times of hightened security, it seems incredulous that anyone should be able to get so close to Lord Justice Leveson and former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Former Met and Northumbria Police Officer Andy Redhead of Sec Tech UK Limited was asked to comment for Radio 4.

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