A woman has been jailed for 28 weeks after claiming benefits in disability falsely which add up to a total of almost £40,000. Roberta Packman claimed that she was completely unable to walk and claimed both Severe Disability Premium Income Support and Disability Living Allowance.

She admitted two counts of falsely claiming disability benefits at Carlisle Crown Court in November.

Packman claimed both benefits from 2006 to 2011 and was accused of failing to notify the Department of Work and Pensions that her circumstances had changed.

Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Sometimes it is a serious case and sometimes the situation is relatively smaller such as employees taking false sick days. Although this is a smaller and less severe situation, your company can lose a lot of money on paying someone that is falsely ill while they’re are out with friends for example instead of being ill in bed. Like Roberta Packman, this can be prevented and these people can be caught out. Companies such as Sec Tec UK can offer employee surveillance if you suspect foul use of sick days and remember; police won’t investigate fraud. When it does come to this unfortunate conclusion in which you are forced to ask for employee surveillance, there are of course legality issues in which Sec Tech UK can work around and make sure everything is legitimate and proper evidence is included. Everything will be carried out in an extremely professional fashion. Evidence will include documents, reports, notes and images for professional evidence which will stand capable of prosecuting the employee.

Roberta Packman was claiming both of her benefits lasting in a huge span from 2006 to 2011 and was accused of notifying the Department of Work and Pensions that her circumstances had changed.
Carlisle Crown Court’s Recorder, Kevin Grice, said: “I can only conclude that your motivation was simply one of greed and a wish for financial gain, in my view, for this prolonged course of dishonesty by which a significant amount of benefits were obtained to which you were not entitled.”

This can on many occasions be the right thing to do however you must be careful about this backfiring and losing more money than you would usually from having an employee using false sick days. To put things into perspective; the average payout for Unfair Dismissal in 2010/11 was £8,924. And to add to that, legal charges and your final bill could easily be £15,000 – £20,000.

Sec Tech UK specialise in employee surveillance and ‘will carry out an investigation and surveillance on an individual to establish whether or not they are physically unfit for work or whether their claim may have foundation so that you can defend yourself against spurious claims.’