Scottish police have vowed to crack down on crime in the capital and launched an initiative targeting crime within the famous historic city centre to take place over the up and coming festive period. The plan named Operation Astrodome which is entering its fifth year of action is the Lothian and Borders Police response to the huge rise in numbers of people expected to visit the popular city over the Christmas weeks. Edinburgh is a very popular town and is expected to play host to many tourists and visitors in the next few weeks.

Additionally to Operation Astrodome, the Lothian and Borders Police force fully encourage visitors and those who are home to the city to be on full alert and to take into account not only their belongings and the accessibility of them, but also their own personal safety and well being.

Police inspector of Edinburgh’s policing team stated: “Edinburgh city centre is always a popular destination at this time of year, not just for shoppers and visitors who want to soak up the festive atmosphere, but also for revellers who want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

“While the city centre is a safe place to visit, we must acknowledge that the increased numbers of visitors brings more opportunities for crime, and we will be working alongside our partners in City of Edinburgh Council and Essential Edinburgh to ensure we respond accordingly.

“As part of Operation Astrodome we will be carrying out high-visibility patrols throughout the city centre, while also using CCTV and other crime detection and prevention techniques in order to deter criminality.

“We are asking people to take steps to help avoid falling victim to crime, whether it be keeping your personal belongings safe, or drinking sensibly if you’re enjoying a night out. Information and advice on crime prevention is available on the Lothian and Borders Police website, and I would encourage people to follow the tips provided and help us ensure they stay safe and secure this Christmas.”

If you are planning to take a trip into Edinburgh in the coming weeks, expect a busy city and stay alert for trouble to make sure you have a good trip away.