It has come to the attention of the world that almost 3,000 police officers have volunteered for G8 security duty. The police service of Northern Ireland says the large some of officers from forces in Britain have volunteered to be part of the massively important G8 summit in June. This is the largest security operation the PNSI has ever mounted, the leaders of the world are going to gather for two days at Lough Erne golf resort in Fermanagh.

It will be the first time that the annual summit has been held in the United Kingdom since 2005 when it was in Gleneagles in Scotland. More than 5,000 officers will be on duty around key sites at the time incase something were to happen to try and infiltrate the summit, and it is a key target because there will be so many important people there to discuss the current climate and financial issues amongst themselves.

This includes the resort at which the leaders will be holding their meeting and the airport at which the US president Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and others are expected to land before being taken to the destination by helicopter.

The required number of officers needed is more than the PSNI can provide so more than 3,000 officers will be from other police forces in Britain, brought in under what is called an agreement for mutual aid.
The Police in Britain have put an advisory statement out to their members not to volunteer for duty until a range of issues are discussed and resolved.
The Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, Brian Docherty, said “i find it strange that Northern Ireland was chosen as a venue, bearing in mind the pressure and the conditions that PSNI is under just now.”

The BBC understands that the specified number of officers has been well over subscribed because of the high regard that comes and it will mainly distinguish them for everyone else in their sector however this made the forces choose carefully when accepting applicants.