Securing your home is important wherever you are but when living in large and busy cities like London, residential security is paramount. Failing to be careful or being negligent of your home could end up in it begin burgled and your beloved possessions gone forever. In more serious cases the residents of the home have even been known to get hurt or even worse killed after being caught in the middle of an attempted robbery. Below are 5 ways in which you can protect just the front door of your home.

  1. Replace your deadbolt

Replacing the deadbolt on your front door may seem random and pointless but believe me it is an effective way of withstanding an element of force.  The deadbolt is the metal hook that sits on your door frame allowing the deadbolt chain to latch onto it. Now most deadbolts aren’t strong enough to withstand force but if you choose one that has longer screws, is a stronger box strike model and has a full metal enclosure it will be able to withstand 3-4 full force kicks before it budges.

  1. Reinforce your door

Even though you have your deadbolt in place after a number of kicks to the door it will become loosened along with your door frame. To prevent the door frame from splitting and coming away it is a good idea to reinforce it with a layer of steel.  With the steel in place it will become difficult for it to be kicked and difficult for an intruder to force entry.

  1. Replace your door

Naturally the door is the most important thing to consider when securing the front of your home.  To ensure that it is able to withstand an element of force the door will need to be sturdy and robust. This means replacing hollow core doors for solid wood, uPVC or metal doors.  Doors such as these are hard to break and even if an intruder does manage to knock it down it will take some time giving you a chance to flee should you be inside.

  1. Secure your door hinges

Some doors swing outwards and if this is the case with your door it is a good idea to secure its hinges. Many burglars plan before a robbery and may plan to attack the hinges of your door so that it can be removed from the frame. To prevent this from happening use either a setscrew, fast riveted pins or safety studs on your hinges.

  1. Lighting

Having lighting outside your front door can be a huge deterrent to any burglar as it lights up the area bringing attention to whoever is there. There are a whole range of lighting methods available but the one you choose doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple motion detecting LED light will do the job perfectly.

Remember residential security in London is principal for making sure that your home is as protected as possible.  So the next time you walk through your front door check to see that it coincides with our 5 safety features mentioned above.