One of our UHNW clients, a successful overseas businessman, visits London between twelve and twenty times a year on business. When he does we collect him and his advisors at the airport and stay with them for the duration of their visit discreetly keeping any threats at bay so they can go about their business safely and free from any unwelcome distractions.
In November last year he decided to bring his wife and two young children along so that they could go shopping in the capital. His wife is very low profile and in reality no-one would recognise her except perhaps wrongdoers who may have identified her and the children as his potential weak point and thus a good target for kidnap and ransom. The ability to go shopping alone is a pleasure sometimes denied to many UHNWs and their families because often with success and wealth comes an increased threat and the risk of becoming a targeted victim of crime.

Because we routinely provide close protection services not only to UNHWs but also to their families, this type of assignment is quite commonplace for us.

Our solution in this case was quite simple. We provided the client’s wife with two experienced female close protection operatives (CPOs) both in their thirties, about the same age as herself. To any onlookers it would look like a group of friends, maybe sisters, maybe one of them was a nanny, out shopping with the kids. The important fact was it looked perfectly normal and the group wouldn’t draw any attention to themselves. It looked like ‘The girls on a shopping mission’. All the while the two CPOs scanned their environment looking for threats and ensured the safety of the Principle and her children.

Several hours and many shops later the party returned to the Principle’s London bolthole without any incidents whatsoever.
Our client was delighted because in the knowledge that his loved ones were in safe hands, he was able to go about his business in the city.

His wife was equally delighted because she’d not only had a great days shopping but also had help with the children whilst she shopped. They also shared fashion tips apparently however please note that fashion advice is not part of our advertised service.

In all it was an incident and event free day which of course is exactly what we try to make every day to be.

Writing this case study now reminded me of something a client said to me once.

“I don’t know what I pay you people for. Nothing ever happens!”

“Thank you Mr. Client” I replied. “That’s exactly what is supposed to happen!”