Airport security © Adrian Hillman
Airport security © Adrian Hillman


Getting through airport security can be a long, boring and tiresome task, particularly with the rise in commuters and staff cuts. The famous arrive two hours before departure rule can actually leave you with only minutes to spare before having to find your gate number and board your plane.  It is, therefore, a good idea to follow our tips below to ensure that you can bag yourself more time for a far more relaxing airport security experience.


1. Check In Online:

It is now possible to check in online and the process is something that we should definitely take advantage of. It is particularly useful for those who are only taking hand luggage however still useful to those who aren’t. Quick and easy to do, you no longer need to wait in line to check-in, allowing you more time to get to airport security.


2. Have Your Paperwork Ready:

Not having your paperwork at the ready is one of the most common causes for holding people up in line. As soon as you set foot in the security line you should have your passport and boarding pass in hand and at the ready to be checked. Refrain from putting it safely into your bag or pocket as it can easily end up at the bottom amongst all of the hustle and bustles. Passport holders are great for keeping important documents together and safe in one place.


3. Knowing Which Scanner To Go For:

Once you get to the front of the security queue it will break off into numerous lines for various different scanners. Remember, the shortest line isn’t always the quickest, and evaluating the people within a line can help you make the right decision. A line that has a family in may take longer than a line that has businessmen/women in. Look out for those who have awkward footwear on, as you often find yourself stuck behind these people for a while as they wrestle with their shoelaces. It is also a good idea to choose scanners at the far left or far right of the room as most people tend to walk straight ahead.


4. Don’t Overcomplicate Your Clothing:

If you want to get through security scanners quickly the last thing you need is complicated clothing, as it only has to come off, or at least some of it does.  Jewellery, belts, watches, wallets, mobile phones and all similar items must be taken off whilst going through the scanner as they will only set it off. It’s best to put all items inside a carry all or a coat pocket whilst waiting in line. This way you don’t have to spend time picking everything up and putting it back on once you are through. Instead, you can take a seat in the departures lounge and do it there. Shoes are a massive problem when going through security, particularly if you are wearing lace-up boots or trainers. The best form of footwear you can go for is a simple slip on shoe that will allow you to remove them quickly and easily and put them back on just as prompt.


5. Liquids and Gels:

We all know the drill when it comes to liquids and gels. Nothing can go over 3oz and everything must be placed in a clear see-through bag when going through security.  Anything over 3oz will be confiscated and anything not in a clear bag will have to be put in one. Don’t hold up the queue by being unprepared, make sure you have this sorted before you get in line.