It often suffices to cause fear and a feeling of helplessness. Many who hear it prefer to forget it as soon as possible, hoping that it will never affect them or their families.

They assume that there is little or nothing that can be done if it does. And yet there is no cause for despair: there is much that can be done to prevent kidnap, and to prepare and respond logically and effectively if protective measures prove inadequate and a kidnap happens.
There is a wealth of practical knowledge available, based on what has worked in the past. For instance, it is easy to forget as the kidnappers bring extreme emotional pressure to bear that kidnap for ransom is exactly that – the perpetrators want money, they do not usually intend to kill the victim. Also, the victim’s family is in a strong bargaining position, as they are the only ones who can and will give the kidnappers what they want. With the aid of professional advisers, the family and its allies can carefully structure the negotiation so that the victim is given the greatest possible degree of protection while being held captive and the greatest possible chance of being released safe and well.
The sensible way to proceed is to meet the specialist advisers who will help you understand the problem and prepare to meet the challenge successfully, if it comes.

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