It is known within the industry that we work to the highest possible standards and consequently we are often contacted by individuals wishing to join our highly trained teams here at Sec Tech UK. Anyone seeking work within the security sector will understand that is a not an everyday career path and can be extremely demanding both physically and mentally. It will also likely infringe on your personal and home life, as we are often required to work unsociable hours and travel away with certain clients. You must accept these conditions as they are part of the security vocation and lifestyle.

We only accept CV’s from Close Protection license holders. CV’s from people with military/police backgrounds are particularly welcome. This is due to the strict nature of our conduct and behaviour, in addition to the experience working within a uniformed, armed role.

If you would like to join the Sec Tech UK team and think you have the relevant qualifications, security clearance and experiences, please send over your details for review and we will be in touch. To submit a CV please send to