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As the world becomes increasingly crowded and chaotic threats proliferate against high profile individuals. Politicians, athletes, celebrities and high net worth individuals and their families attract an almost constant stream of unwanted attention, some of it benign, some of it a very real threat to life and limb. Sec-Tech provides private security in Beaconsfield that creates a discreet wall of protection between our clients and those that would do them harm.

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At Sec-Tech we understand that the security needs of the CEO are different from those of the rock star so we tailor our approach to dovetail with the specific requirements of each client. Each of our plans is typically comprised of some combination of the following:

Close Protection – Close Protection security is the backbone of any personal security plan. Our Close Protection operatives are highly trained individuals, typically with extensive experience in the military or police ranks. They are expert at identifying and neutralising physical threats. Their job is to accompany the client in public and keep unwanted attention at bay.

The Security Chauffeur – When a situation devolves into a security threat you need to extricate yourself as quickly and effectively as possible. This is where the Security Chauffeur comes in. Our Security Chauffeurs combine their Close Protection abilities with expert driving skills. Regardless of the circumstances, they waste no time putting distance between the client and the threat.

Comprehensive Residential Security – Nefarious players have no regard for the ‘personal space’ of their target. As such, residential security is an absolute must for high profile individuals and their loved ones. If you are to keep the crazed fan, disgruntled employee, foreign agent or others away from your Beaconsfield home you need residential security from Sec-Tech.

Cyber Security – If your private communications are to remain private you need the Cyber Security experts at Sec-Tech on your side. Cyberspace is crawling with dark players and it is our job to keep them out of your digital sphere.

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