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Sec-Tech provides world-class private security in Buckinghamshire for prominent individuals or anyone else concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. Many of our field agents have extensive backgrounds in military and police services and have been rigorously trained in the art of threat recognition and neutralisation. With Sec-Tech agents on the case, a discreet mobile wall accompanies you whenever you are out and about.

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Private Security in Buckinghamshire You Can Rely On

The team at Sec-Tech provide a full range of private security services, including:

Close Protection – Close Protection service entails accompanying the individual during any type of activity that brings them in contact with the general public. As the title implies the Close Protection agent is always at hand, scanning the area for potential risks and intervening before threats can cause harm. Our CP agents are fit, alert, highly-trained individuals determined to carry out their task.

Security Chauffeur – The security chauffeur is a personal driver with expert driving skills to complement his Close Protection skills. Having a security chauffeur frees the individual to go about their day in a more relaxed manner, secure in the knowledge that, should circumstances call for a quick escape, the driver is up to the task.

Residential Security – No Security profile is complete without comprehensive residential security. Unfortunately, potential threats do not end at the city limits. Prominent individuals have all too often been subjected to assaults and more in their own homes. Sec-Tech Residential Security allows you to rest easy, knowing you and your loved ones are protected 24/7.

Cyber Security – With internet-enabled smartphones, we have previously unimagined power at our fingertips. Unfortunately, cyberspace is not immune to malicious actors and the enlightened individual trusts the pros at Sec-Tech to provide robust cybersecurity at every level.

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Sec-Tech is the security company of choice for high profile individuals in Buckinghamshire. Our Close Protection agents are the best in the business, complemented by our world-class residential, chauffeur and cybersecurity. Get in touch with Sec-Tech by using the contact form on our website, or by calling or emailing us.

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