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Like it or not the world is becoming an ever more dangerous place with threats to politicians, CEOs, celebrities, actors, athletes and others escalating on an almost daily basis. When influential people are out and about they regularly attract a blizzard of unwanted attention, some of which can, and often does, escalate into physical danger. Sec-Tech provides proven private security in Chalfont St Giles that enables prominent individuals and their families to go about their lives in comfort and safety.

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World-Class Private Security in Chalfont St Giles

Sec-Tech offers an array of private security services for prominent individuals and their loved ones, including:

Close Protection – Close Protection service entails accompanying the client in public and ensuring unwelcome attention is kept effectively at bay. Our private security field agents are all licensed for Close Protection and deftly create a discreet but impenetrable wall of protection between client and danger. Our Close Protection services are the backbone of our private security offerings.

Secure Chauffeuring – Negative interactions can quickly devolve into dangerous situations that call for a quick and effective exit. Our Secure Chauffeurs possess expert driving skills to complement their already formidable Close Protection skills. The bottom line is that you are whisked quickly into your vehicle and then extricated from the scene safely and efficiently.

Residential Security – Crazed fans, political extremists, scammers and those seeking to attach their name to a prominent individual through the committing of some atrocious act do not recognize personal boundaries. Therefore, high profile people and their families need robust residential security to ensure that the agenda of dark players never has a chance to be imposed on their Chalfont St Giles home life.

Cyber Protection – Unless you want your personal communications to be hacked by nefarious persons you need Sec-Tech Cyber Protection on your side. Our cyberspace security experts make sure your digital devices and communications do not end up in the hands of those who seek to do you harm.

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