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Expert Private Security in East Moseley

Sec-Tech provides elite personal protection agents for prominent individuals in East Moseley and beyond. Every one of our field agents has been rigorously trained in risk assessment, physical defence, emergency response, threat neutralisation and more. Most have an extensive background in the Armed Forces and armed police services and are adept at recognising and averting trouble before it reaches you.

The level of protection you receive is entirely up to you. Should you want expert Close Protection for public outings, travelling or important events we can provide it. If you need a professional security driver to chauffeur yourself and your family about, we can provide it. Likewise, if you desire a secure layer of protection around your family residence, Sec-Tech are the ones to call.

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Peerless Private Security in East Moseley

Private security takes many forms and the team at Sec-Tech have mastered them all, including:

Close Protection – Close Protection services are the most visible type of private protection. These agents accompany individuals in public, staying close, assessing potential risks and keeping those who would invade the client’s personal space at bay. Close Protection agents are fit, capable, responsive, highly trained and absolutely determined to prevent you from coming to any harm.

Security Chauffeur – Prominent individuals often benefit greatly from having a personal security chauffeur to relieve them of the burden of driving and to enable them to affect a rapid escape should circumstances call for it. Our private security drivers get you to your destination and back in comfort and safety so your excursion is pleasant and non-eventful.

Residential Security – Threats to VIPs, high net worth individuals, celebrities and important figures do not end at the front gate or front door. Because of this, we offer ironclad residential security that will provide a discreet but virtually impenetrable layer of protection around your East Moseley residence 24 hours a day, whether you are home or not. The precise level of protection is up to you.

Cyber Security – Cyberspace is a jungle inhabited by malicious but sophisticated individuals intent on doing harm to others by exploiting weaknesses in their digital defences. Don’t fall victim to hacking, ransomware or extortion, enlist the help of the cybersecurity experts at Sec-Tech.

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Sec-Tech provides elite private security in East Moseley for prominent persons. Don’t wait until the problem is at the door or in your face on the street. Get in touch with Sec-Tech instead by using the contact form on our website or by emailing or calling us.

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