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Elite Private Security in Esher for Prominent Individuals

It is an unfortunate fact of life that VIPs, people of influence, and high net worth individuals are at greater risk than ever these days. Regardless of where they are they require robust, effective protection to secure their persons and their property. Sec-Tech provides that protection. Our private security in Esher combines front line expertise with state-of-the-art technology to neutralise risks, fend off threats and enable our clients to go about their lives unscathed.

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First-Class Private Security Services in Esher

Our private security services take on several forms including:

Close Protection Services – All our security personnel are licensed for Close Protection. Close Protection means just that. They stay close to the client when they are out and about, scanning for potential risks and threats and responding in the blink of an eye should a problem materialise. No one will want any part of your Sec-Tech Close Protection detail.

Secure Chauffeuring – We provide security chauffeurs who are specially trained in tactical driving and possess elite Close Protection skills as well. They drive you safely to and from your destination, and should you need to execute an emergency escape, they will whisk you and your loved ones from harm’s way.

Residential Security – Whether you need someone to watch over your residence while you are away, or wish to have a private security detail on site when you are home, Sec-Tech is the company to call. We also provide leading-edge remote monitoring and response services tailored to the specific needs of your residence.

Cyber Protection – It is vitally important that VIPs and other influential individuals can communicate freely and safely with their digital devices. However, the digital domain is anything but secure. The members of our cyber protection unit have copious experience at the highest levels of IT security.

We also offer a number of security-related courses our clients can take to bolster their ability to protect themselves if they should ever need to. Among other things, these courses demonstrate how to assess your safety in a given situation, how to drive defensively and evasively, and how to devise a security response plan in the event of an emergency.

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