Discreet, Sophisticated Private Security in Hampshire

Demented individuals, those opposed to your political views, kidnappers hoping to cash in and publicity seekers intent on infamy pose a clear and present danger to high profile individuals. At Sec Tech we provide private security in Brockenhurst that keeps the unhinged at bay and enables our clients to enjoy their lives. If the time has come to ramp up security around yourself and your loved ones Sec Tech are the ones to call.

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Multipronged Private Security in Hampshire

When prominent persons venture into public dangers are everywhere including crazed fans, publicity seekers and flat out psychopaths. We provide a variety of private security programmes that meet potential threats head-on including:

Close Protection Services – Close Protection is where private security gets physical. Most of our Close Protection agents have years of military or police experience. They are fit, focused, highly trained individuals who give no quarter and are always ready to leap into action to neutralise potential threats. Most aggressive weasels will think twice about approaching anyone accompanied by our Close Protection agents, and the ones who approach anyway will live to regret it.

Security Chauffeur Services – A properly trained driver can make the difference between surviving an attack and succumbing to one. Our Security Chauffeurs take you to and from your destination quickly and comfortably, and should trouble arise they will extricate you and your loved ones with dispatch. These professional drivers are also Close Protection certified, so clients are protected both outside and inside their vehicle.

Residential Security Services – Time was when living in a town like Brockenhurst would buy a certain level of safety and comfort. Today, however, determined criminals and their deranged intentions are not bound by geography. Our residential security services create a discreet but highly effective layer of protection around your property identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities and keeping a watchful eye 24/7/365.

Cyber Security Services – Threats to prominent individuals today take many forms, including cybercrime. If a hacker is able to gain access to personal information on your smartphone or computer they could turn your life into a living nightmare. Our team of cybersecurity experts can prevent such a thing from ever happening.

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Recent history is filled with instances wherein prominent individuals were publicly assaulted. Facing down the threat means having a team on your side that is ready for any eventuality. That team is Sec Tech. Get in touch today.

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Don’t wait until an aggressor is staring you in the face to arrange for private security. Get in touch with Sec-Tech today by emailing us, using the contact form on our website or giving us a call.

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