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Threats to prominent persons come from every direction including crazed fans, publicity seekers who would do harm just to get on the news, kidnappers, cybercriminals and more. To ensure you are able to go about your life safely in an increasingly hostile world you need private security in Harpenden you can count on. Sec Tech provides just that. Our private security services create an impenetrable layer of protection around you, your loved ones and your residence so you can sleep easy at night.

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Private Security in Harpenden for High Profile Persons

When athletes, movie stars, politicians, influencers and other prominent individuals venture out in public they are bound to attract attention from the seediest segments of society. There are only 2 ways to deal with this unfortunate reality: either lock yourself away in your Harpenden home or arrange for private security.

Sec Tech private security services provide a way for you to go about your normal activities without having to worry about physical threats to yourself or your loved ones.

Close Protection – Stalkers, autograph seekers, deranged fans, political ideologues and more present a real threat to prominent individuals. Sec Tech Close Protection agents provide the antidote to such physical threats. Most of our Close Protection operatives come to us with years of military and police training in threat assessment and neutralisation.

Secure Chauffeur – Our Secure Chauffeurs are Close Protection experts with additional training in defensive and evasive driving. Their job is to convey you to and from your appointments, shopping trips, public appearances and the like and, should a threat manifest, quickly and effectively extract you from the scene and put distance between yourself and said threat.

IT Security – Criminals have a variety of ways of inserting themselves into the lives of high profile individuals. One of the most popular methods is to hack your home computer, smart home devices and smartphones. A talented hacker can turn your life upside down, but will not get the opportunity with Sec Tech IT Security on the job.

Residential Security – People intent on doing you harm are not going to turn away at the front gate of your Harpenden home. If you are to enjoy true freedom from the threat posed by these people it’s imperative you have robust residential security measures in place. Our specialists can create a residential security plan that dovetails with your precise needs.

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