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Private security for prominent people has never been more important than it is today. No matter where you go tensions are high, dissatisfaction is rampant and high profile individuals are coming under increasing threat from all sides. Sec Tech provide world-class private security in Henley on Thames that enables prominent members of society to go on about their lives unmolested.

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World-Class Private Security in Henley on Thames

When high profile people and their loved ones venture out in public they face the ever-present likelihood of unwanted attention. In some cases that attention may be distasteful but basically benign. In other cases, however, it may be openly hostile and even life-threatening. The team at Sec Tech offer an array of services to address a variety of potential threats. Those services include:

Close Protection – Close Protection agents accompany you and/or your loved ones as you venture out in public. Our Close Protection agents are highly trained experts most of whom have years of military or police experience. As you go about your business our agents are constantly on guard, ready to intervene in a split second to neutralise threats before they reach you.

Security Chauffeur – Our Security Chauffeur service is one of our most popular. It enables our clients to relax, secure in the knowledge that if circumstances deteriorate they will be swiftly and effectively evacuated to safety. Each of our Security Chauffeurs has undergone rigorous training in defensive driving and is also a certified Close Protection agent.

Residential Security – Threats do not end at the front gate. History is rife with examples of crazed fans and other types of deranged individuals imposing themselves on prominent persons, often with devastating effects. Our residential security service creates a discreet but ironclad shield around your residence to fend off aggressors before they can act.

Cyber Security – There are myriad ways the ill-intentioned can impose themselves on someone else’s life these days. One of the most insidious is by gaining access to their smartphones or home computers. Once they have access they can pilfer all manner of personal information and turn their victim’s life upside down. Our cybersecurity experts create a digital moat around your devices that keeps hackers effectively at bay.

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