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High-profile individuals are attention magnets that attract all kinds of people from the harmless to the unhinged. At Sec-Tech it is our business to ensure the latter type is not able to impose themselves on the lives of our clients. Whoever you are and whatever you do our personal security in Hertfordshire enables you to go about the day to day business of your life in peace and safety. Whatever your circumstances we have the appropriate security response, and you are always free to customise the level of service you receive.

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The threats facing high visibility individuals and their families today are pervasive and multifaceted. As such, their security programme should be equally so. Sec-Tech provides expert:

Close Protection – Close Protection involves highly-trained agents that accompany the client when they venture out in public. The job of the Close Protection agent is to provide continuous threat assessment and to intervene if a physical threat manifests.

Secure Chauffeur – The job of the Secure Chauffeur is to relieve the client of the responsibility of driving and to ensure the client is quickly and safely removed from the scene should a threat emerge. Our Secure Chauffeurs are highly trained in evasive and defensive driving and Close Protection techniques.

IT Security – People tend to underestimate how exposed they are to cyber-criminals. At Sec-Tech we employ some of the most talented IT security professionals in Greater London who ensure your digital devices are secure from hacking and other forms of vile manipulation.

Residential Security – Unfortunately, threats to prominent individuals and their loved ones do not stop once they reach their suburban or rural homes. A determined criminal has myriad ways they can invade your domestic life and wreak havoc. Sec-Tech residential security creates a discreet but formidable bubble of protection around your residence and its inhabitants.

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The time to talk to Sec-Tech about our professional private security programmes is before a threat emerges in front of you on the street, or a would-be kidnapper scales the fence around your Hertfordshire home. Give us a call today and talk to one of our security experts.

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