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Every day the world becomes a little more dangerous. That’s particularly true for high profile, high net worth and highly influential persons. These individuals tend to attract the ill-intentioned, which leaves them exposed when they venture out in public. If you are one of these people you have a couple of choices: you can spend your life in hiding, or you can contact Sec Tech. We provide world-class private security in Much Hadham that will enable you to go on about your life safely and confidently.

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World-Class Private Security in Much Hadham

Whether moving about Much Hadham, venturing into the capital or heading to Heathrow, high profile individuals need a way to keep unwanted contact at bay. Sec Tech provides that way. Our private security services include:

Close Protection – If you are to safely venture into crowded areas you need someone to accompany you who is capable of fending off physical threats quickly and effectively. Our Close Protection agents are masters of deterrence with most having extensive experience in the military or police services. Woe unto those who attempt to invade your personal space when one of our close protection agents is on the job.

The Secure Chauffeur – A Secure Chauffeur is an expert driver also trained in the intricacies of Close Protection. Should an incident occur while you are out and about, the Secure Chauffeur extricates you from the scene and quickly puts distance between yourself and the threat. You can go shopping, to the theatre, to public events and more with complete confidence with a Sec Tech Secure Chauffeur.

Residential Security – These days threats to influential persons, high wealth individuals, movie stars, politicians and more don’t stop at the front gate of their Much Hadham home. Some unhinged people will go to remarkable lengths to impose themselves on the target of their obsession. Sec Tech residential security solutions leverage state-of-the-art technology to produce an invisible but highly effective security perimeter around your home. If need be we can also provide on-site personnel.

IT Security – There are myriad ways for criminals to impose themselves on your private life. One of the most insidious is by hacking your phone, smart home devices, and personal computers. Cyberspace is the playground of the digital criminal. Our leading-edge IT Security can keep them from victimising you.

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