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High profile individuals in Oxfordshire and elsewhere are constantly faced with the threat of physical harm from nearly every direction. Obsessed fans, publicity seekers, would-be kidnappers, thieves, political zealots and more have a sad history of accosting prominent people in public and making their lives miserable. The antidote to this scourge of aggressive behaviour is private security in Oxfordshire by Sec Tech.

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Sec Tech private security services take myriad forms and provide rock-solid protection no matter where you go. Those services include:

Close Protection – Our signature private security service, Close Protection enables you to move about in public confident that any potential physical threats will be quickly identified and neutralised before they reach you. Our Close Protection agents are tough, vigilant, highly trained professionals most of whom have extensive experience in the military or police services.

Secure Chauffeurs – A Secure Chauffeur relieves you of the burden of having to navigate city traffic. More importantly, should a threat arise they whisk you to your vehicle and remove you from the scene swiftly and effectively. All our Secure Chauffeurs have Close Protection training to complement their defensive and evasive driving skills.

Cyber Protection – Threats to your person do not always manifest physically. Sometimes the threat comes at you via wireless broadband. Hackers can scour your smartphone for highly personal information, disable your home computer with ransomware demands, or even wreak havoc by hacking into your home’s internet-enabled smart devices. Sec Tech IT Security services keep the cybercriminals at bay.

Residential Security – Sec Tech offer an array of residential security plans that leverage state-of-the-art electronics, remote monitoring, rapid response teams, on-site security agents, and more. We keep you safe and secure when you’re home in Oxfordshire and nail down the boundaries of your property even if you are away for an extended period of time.

In addition – As part of our effort to provide the highest level of private security possible we also offer a variety of security-related courses that will enhance your ability to aid in your own defence. These include courses on defensive and evasive driving, identifying potential threats, devising an effective response to threats and more.

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