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Prominent individuals from the worlds of politics, business, sports and entertainment face an array of threats today that cannot be ignored. From the hacking of their personal information to home invasions and physical confrontations on the street, the world has become a more dangerous place for them than ever before. Without the right security, it would be nearly impossible for them to carry on their day to day business unmolested, even in Radlett. We’re Sec-Tech. We provide that security.

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Stellar Private Security in Radlett by Sec-Tech

Whether you are a world-class athlete or entertainer, a high net worth individual or a political mover and shaker the threats to your person and property today are greater than ever. To counter those threats we provide first-class:

Close Protection – Close Protection is just that. When you venture out in public our highly-trained Close Protection Agent goes with you. Most of our agents have years of experience in the military and police services. They are experts at assessing threats and have the ability to intervene swiftly and decisively.

Secure Chauffeur – Securing your person from a public threat sometimes means more than simply deflecting unwanted attention on the sidewalk. Sometimes it means evacuating you in a quick and effective manner. That’s where our Secure Chauffeurs come in.

IT Security – The threat from cybercriminals is often underappreciated. But if your digital devices are not properly secured even a modestly talented hacker can turn your life upside down. At Sec-Tech we employ a bevvy of world-class IT Security professionals who will keep your devices safe from intrusion.

Residential Security – Threats to high-profile people do not stop once they turn in the drive of their Radlett home. Recent history is rife with examples of prominent individuals being victimized by property intruders. Our residential security systems enable you and your loved ones to rest easy.

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Every day the ill-intentioned breach security barriers, achieve dangerous proximity and hack the digital devices of prominent people. If you are a high-profile person you need to have security in place before such affronts upend your life and the lives of your loved ones. Talk to Sec-Tech today about private security in Radlett.

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