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Expert Private Security Services in Richmond

When it comes to VIPs, high net worth individuals, and their families, you cannot compromise on security. Whether they are working in their offices, on holiday or a business trip, or just spending time with their loved ones at home, their protection is of utmost importance. This is why Sec Tech UK’s private security services are critical.

We offer a variety of services that can cater to all the security needs of any elite client. Call us for a free security review.

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Private Security Services in Richmond

Close Protection:

If the client is facing a certain level of danger, we can deploy a team of expert close protection operatives ready to accompany them or their families 24/7 or during times of heightened risk. We only choose our most discreet and professional personnel to join this team.

Security Chauffeuring:

Our chauffeurs are not only excellent drivers, they are also highly trained security professionals who are ready to step in and protect the client when necessary. We also offer armoured vehicles should the client require it.

Residential Security:

Whether it’s preventing burglaries, vandalisms, scams, or even kidnappings, our team of residential security professionals are always ready to keep the client’s home and family safe and secure.

IT Protection:

We have a team of IT experts who used to work for the Government Communication Headquarters. They are equipped to protect the client’s electronic devices from a whole host of threats like hacking and disruptions.

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Security Training Courses

We have a variety of training courses that improve the client’s sense of security.

  • Personal Safety Awareness – This course trains the client’s own alertness.
  • Evasive and Defensive Driving – This course improves the client’s defensive driving.
  • Security Procedure Creation – This course helps the client create a plan of action during emergency situations.

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When it comes to protecting high profile clients, Sec Tech UK’s team of security professionals has the training, experience, and technology to do it. Call us at 0207 118 1168 or visit our Contact page.

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