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Private Security in Weybridge for VIPs, Athletes and More

The world is a dangerous place. If you are a high profile individual the dangers are increased by several orders of magnitude because all types of nefarious persons will be drawn to you. Effective private security then is a must for VIPs, celebrities, world-class athletes, business leaders, influencers and others who attract the best and worst of humanity. Sec-Tech provides elite private security in Weybridge that puts a protective barrier between you and those who would do you harm.

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Expert Private Security in Weybridge

We tailor our private security services to suit the needs of each client. Our versatility is born of years of experience and allows you to choose precisely the level of security you feel you need. Here are a few of our most popular security services:

Close Protection – Close Protection service is comprised of highly trained agents who accompany you when you are out and about and provide a determined and effective deterrent, warding off those who would presume to invade your personal space. Each and every one of these elite professionals is Close Protection licensed, and most have extensive military and police experience.

Residential Security – Unfortunately, threats to VIPs, influencers and others do not stop at the front gate. Crazed fans, wannabe kidnappers and others have been known to go to extraordinary lengths to gain access to high-profile persons. As such, securing the homestead is of vital importance. Once again Sec-Tech gives you total flexibility regarding the type and extent of residential security you choose.

The Secure Chauffeur – The secure chauffeur gets you to your destination, looks after the vehicle while you go about your business and then makes sure you get home safely. Our drivers are not only adept at evasive and defensive driving, they are also licensed and trained for Close Protection. In the event that a client needs to be extricated from a troublesome situation, our security chauffeurs have them covered.

IT Security – Cyberspace may be the new public square but it is also a wasteland populated by malicious individuals seeking any advantage they can gain over influential people. That includes hacking their phones, installing ransomware on their digital devices, and even attempted extortion. Our IT professionals have experience at the highest levels of cybersecurity.

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