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Beaconsfield is a lovely town with quiet lanes framed by towering trees and formidable hedgerows. But even in such an idyllic setting as this, residents cannot afford to let their guard down, because the most impressive wrought iron gate or imposing hedge is simply not enough to keep a determined intruder at bay. At Sec-Tech we provide round the clock, state-of-the-art residential security in Beaconsfield for prominent individuals and others who feel the press of the modern world upon them.

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Residential Security in Beaconsfield by Sec-Tech

Buckinghamshire seems a world away from the dangers of the big city. But the fact is any weasel with a car and the desire to impose his perverse agenda on others can get here in less than an hour from London and set about to make your life a nightmare. Our job at Sec-Tech is to recognise these potential threats and head them off before they have a chance to manifest.

To do so we combine the very best in personal protective services with state-of-the-art technology to provide rock-solid residential security that nonetheless enables you to go about your life unperturbed. Our security agents are Close Protection license holders, meaning they have undergone the most rigorous training in the art of recognising and neutralising physical threats. At the same time, we provide the absolute latest in motion detection and imaging technology.

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Effective security arrangements are a must to protect prominent individuals and their loved ones. And that means protecting them at home as well as when they are out and about in public. Sec-Tech residential security provides comprehensive protection against home invasions, kidnapping attempts, door-to-door scam artists, crazed fans and more. Even when you are out of the county we continue to keep an eagle eye on your residence to ensure no mischief occurs in your absence.

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On December 30, 1999, former Beatle George Harrison was assaulted and nearly killed in his home in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, providing high-profile proof of the reality of residential threats. Don’t let that happen to you and your loved ones. Contact Sec-Tech today to discuss residential security for your Beaconsfield home.

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