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From thatched roof cottages to stately castles, Hampshire is what most people think of when they think of historic England. It’s one of the most affluent counties in the nation and home to many a prominent business leader, celebrity, athlete, politician and aristocrat. Because of that it also tends to attract the attention of nefarious players intent on causing harm or committing some type of high profile crime that will garner them national attention. Sec Tech residential security in Hampshire can prevent that from happening to you.

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Residential Security in Hampshire for Prominent Individuals

No one wants to think that they’re in danger while they’re watching a movie at home or working in their garden. But the unfortunate reality is that the number of deranged and obsessed individuals gets bigger every day and most will not think twice about hopping a fence or pretending to be a delivery person if it will get them close to the target of their obsession.

That’s where we come in. The team at Sec Tech is comprised of security professionals from both the private and public sectors. Most of our close protection agents come to us with years of military or police experience, and our technology team are thoroughly versed in all the latest state-of-the-art security hardware and software. Together they create a formidable but discreet envelope around your home that fends off threats before they are able to manifest.

In-Person or Remote

We offer a variety of residential security packages to satisfy every need, and if you wish we can devise a bespoke security plan to dovetail with your specific requirements. Whether you want our crack team to monitor your system remotely or you would prefer to have one or more of our highly trained security personnel onsite, the choice is yours. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that we are on the job 24/7/365, and that if the situation calls for it we will respond quickly and effectively to neutralise any threat.

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Obsessed fans, would-be kidnappers, burglars, and publicity seekers don’t operate on a predictable schedule. You need to be prepared to repel a threat wherever it arises, even if that means while you are trying to relax at home in Hampshire. Don’t wait until you hear someone downstairs to talk to the team at Sec Tech. Give us a call today on 0207 118 1168, or write to us at:

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