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Professional Residential Security in Mayfair

We offer comprehensive residential security services to private and commercial clients in Mayfair. Our team of highly-skilled security specialists are equipped with the latest technology and have many years of experience in the protection of property and personnel. For clients with multiple properties, our residential security services provide peace of mind by nullifying threats including burglary, theft and vandalism. When in residence, we can provide augmented security services, including close protection operatives (bodyguards) and additional security officers as needed. To discuss your residential security requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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Bespoke Residential Security in Mayfair: Security Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Requirements

Every assignment we undertake starts with a detailed risk analysis and assessment of existing security measures. Upon completion of our initial risk analysis and security assessment, we will recommend and implement any improvements that may be needed to ensure the safety of your properties and their occupants. By following this standard operating procedure at the start of every residential security assignment, we are able to provide a fully bespoke service that addresses all potential risks in the most effective manner possible. Any weaknesses that are present in your existing security measures and any potential risks that have not been taken into account will be dealt with by our team.

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residential security mayfair

Residential Security in Mayfair for Empty and Occupied Properties

Our security services for empty properties include the following:

24/7 Monitoring – Your properties will be monitored by CCTV and onsite personnel, ensuring that any security risks can be dealt with as soon as they arise.
Managing Contractors and Other Personnel – We can supervise the entry, exit and onsite activities of all members of your staff, as well as any contractors you may employ to work on your property. Our team will keep detailed vehicle, accident and incident logs as part of this service.
Cleaning, Maintenance and Preparation for Occupation – In addition to our bespoke security services, we can also arrange for the cleaning, maintenance and preparation of your property, making sure it is ready for your arrival whenever you visit.
Personal Protection – As mentioned earlier, we will provide qualified close protection operatives when you are in residence, if required.
Counter Surveillance – We provide routine counter surveillance services, to ensure that all potential threats are identified and accounted for.

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