Professional Residential Security in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is a multifaceted county. On the one hand, it is undoubtedly the academic centre of Britain, but venture away from the Gothic Revival architecture of Oxford itself and you will find countless examples of the English countryside at its best.

The unhurried pace of life in the villages and towns here attracts many a high profile person seeking refuge from the limelight. But even here security concerns cannot be dismissed lightly. Sec Tech provides comprehensive residential security in Oxfordshire for high profile and high net worth individuals and their loved ones.

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Peerless Residential Security in Oxfordshire

Whether you live in Oxford itself or have a much-loved retreat in the countryside residential security has to be a prime consideration. You want to be able to relax and unwind in your home without having to worry about the threat of burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping attempts, door-to-door scammers and the like. Sec Tech provides you with the means to do that. While you are going about your domestic life our state-of-the-art technology is keeping a silent, unobtrusive watch.

We work closely with our clients to provide security solutions that dovetail with their needs, accommodate their wishes and bolster their personal safety and the safety and security of their property when they are not at home. If you wish, we can also provide highly trained on-site personnel, or world-class close protection services when you venture out.

Leading Edge Cybersecurity

There is more than one way for a criminal to force their way into your private life. While some may attempt to physically intrude through the door or windows, others attack from a distance, hacking into your home’s digital infrastructure through internet-enabled smart devices, desktops, laptops and of course your smartphone. At Sec Tech we believe that cybersecurity is an essential component of home and personal security and provide a range of cybersecurity options to keep hackers at bay.

The Time to Act is Now

The time to stop a home intrusion, kidnapping attempt or cybercrime is before it happens. Our job is to enable our clients in Oxfordshire to go about their daily lives content in the knowledge that their home and loved ones are effectively shielded from the activities of those who would harm them.

Get in touch with Sec Tech today by calling 0207 118 1168 or emailing us at: If you wish we can formulate a fully customized residential security plan that will meet your exacting specifications. Call now.

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