Ulrika Jonsson is planning to take legal action against the News of the World over alleged phone hacking. Actor Hugh Grant also claims police investigating the case showed him evidence he had also been targeted.

News International admitted liability over a number of phone hacking cases over recent weeks involving the News Of The World and set up a compensation scheme to deal with ‘justifiable claims’. Actress Sienna Miller has already agreed to settle for £100,000 from the News of the World after the paper admitted hacking her mobile phone.

Hugh Grant said he was still considering whether to take the matter through the courts but he went on to all but declare war on tabloid newspapers and said he hoped they went out of business. He said: ‘I also had the cops come round the other day who are now very hot on the criminal case and that’s exciting and I think very big heads will roll soon.’ Grant said the police had visited ‘to show me the evidence – all these notes with my PIN numbers, my phone numbers, my friends’, my family’s PIN numbers, bank accounts – all written down by a private detective working for the papers.’ Asked whether he would take his own legal action, Mr Grant said: ‘I could do and I’m just deciding whether to do that or not.’ He accused newspapers of ‘stealing someone’s most precious commodity for profit’ by invading their privacy.

It has been estimated that News International has set aside £20 million for payouts.

The way names are being added to this list do you think that £20m will be enough?