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We are security specialists working with Corporate & Private clients keeping them, their loved ones, their staff, their businesses, their properties and their assets safe.

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About Sec Tech UK

Based in London, Sec Tech UK is a professional security firm offering, close protection services, residential security, security chauffeuring, safe rooms, asset protection and recovery for both commercial and domestic purposes. We pride ourselves on our unfaltering professional conduct and discretion, which is always of paramount importance for our clients. Our experience, foresight and responsibility can alleviate precarious situations and minimise risk to our clients. Sound judgement is of the utmost importance when assessing locations and other people and we always ensure that the best call is made regarding minimum fuss and maximum security at all times. Sec Tech UK can offer you peace of mind, and unobtrusive personal security that will not interfere or inhibit your daily life. One customer has described our service as “reliable protection, not cold intrusion”. We feel passionately about this and are aware there is a fine line between protecting a client and restricting their activities unnecessarily.

about sec tech uk

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We are security specialists working with corporate and private clients keeping them, their loved ones, staff, businesses, properties and their assets safe.

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We are recognised and acknowledged by many as the UK’s top provider of specialist, bespoke security solutions, discreetly, professionally and ethically.  We work with a wide range of corporate clients, VIPs, multi-national corporations & HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals). We are dedicated to helping keep themselves, their loved ones, staff, businesses, property and assets safe and secure at all times.

Our services are available to individuals not only when they are visiting, working or living in the UK but whilst travelling for business and pleasure worldwide. We are UK based but operate worldwide, ensuring you are completely protected at all times. From our vast experience working with a variety of different clients, our teams understand your needs entirely and will work closely to the brief set out at the start of the assignment. Ultimate professionalism and courtesy is standard with all services carried out by Sec Tech UK.