security chauffeur services

Security chauffeur services

Our security chauffeurs create an excellent back up to a regular driver. You can be reassured that you have the additional support needed in case of a security risk or emergency. Security and protection is vital for any high profile executive or VIP.

Our trained drivers have the knowledge and skillsets required for both evasive and defensive driving. This can be very useful in unexpected situations or attacks that may occur with HNWIs, VIPs or celebrities.

When using one of our security chauffeurs, they will also ensure that the client or guest they are transport always arrive at their destination in a timely and secure manner. This ideal if you have important business contacts visiting from out of town, or relatives and family members that may not have access to a vehicle. Our chauffeuring service gives you the peace of mind that a regular driver simply cannot match.

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Specialist security services

You can be reassured that one of our close protection officers or bodyguards is in close proximity to your loved ones should an emergency or threat arise. This service is particularly beneficial when companies host delegates from overseas to guarantee they are safe for the entire duration of their visit. Our security chauffeurs are trained to the highest level in evasive and defensive driving.

Our team members and the services they deliver are always professional and discreet, meaning that they never intrude or obstruct the routines of daily life. Whether they are in your own personal vehicle or one of our specialist armoured vehicles, you can be sure that the passengers are always safe and at ease. Get in touch today to find out how we can keep you safe.

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specialist security services

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