venues and events safety is paramount

Safety is paramount

When thousands of people gather together for a big sports game, music concert or simply to visit an attraction, it can be overwhelming trying to deal with huge crowds. Safety is paramount in these types of situations and needs to be kept as a top priority at all times to minimise risk to both guests and staff at the event.

Whether you need our team to manage a certain area of your venue or simply provide additional back-up to an existing resident security team, you are guaranteed we will be ready to protect both your property and the guests within your event. We are often required to provide extra support in high risk areas of venues such as the main entrances where there are large numbers of people entering or leaving the event.  We can also increase protection levels for VIP areas and backstage where celebrities and other HNWIs are particularly vulnerable.

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Security team

A security team is a basic necessity at any event or venue that requires tickets on entry or has an invite only policy.

This is due to the number of individuals that will attempt to gain entry to the venue without having purchased a ticket or not being on the relevant guest lists.

These occasions can quickly turn aggressive and become volatile situations, which is why a dedicated security team is needed to prevent them from happening.

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security team

Here is a testimonial we got from our client at the O2 in London

“Sec Tech UK were extremely professional and efficient in providing cover for a large scale hospitality event for the Rolling Stones at The O2 in November 2012. They managed to respond quickly and provide a VIP security team within a very tight deadline. I appreciated that they listened to the brief and consulted on how best to achieve this whilst maintaining a secure venue. They also integrated with the site security and understood the role that they needed to play in a multi venue site. They were a pleasure to work with and the service was exceptional.”

Elizabeth McArthur
Operations Manager, The British Music Experience, The O2, London