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Safe on arrival

Sec-Tech UK’s trained security teams have previously accompanied insolvency practitioners, accountants and administrators when they’ve been called into companies that are in financial difficulties. We ensure that everyone stays safe on arrival and later on at creditor’s meetings in case of conflict.

We can also provide on-site security to protect valuable assets, plant and stock whilst the administration process is carried out. This can be as simple on site presence or a total lockdown depending upon what the situation dictates.

This is an example of a situation where we would usually deploy our security operatives to protect the assets during the administration process.

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On rare occasions, the company directors and their families may need some security advice and even a level of personal protection. This is due to incidences where the anger of the affected workers is directed at them, putting them at risk. Sec-Tech UK has also carried out investigations to ensure that all assets are declared and available to the administrator or insolvency practitioner, ensuring that the process is carried out in a completely thorough and legal manner.

Legal professionals also call upon us to carry out surveillance and investigations to confirm or otherwise the true facts of a situation. As enquiry agents we can also assist in tracking down goods and monies that have disappeared in scams, thefts etc. This is a service that only trained individuals can carry out in the correct way and ensure all regulations are met. Hostile situation management is a complex and sensitive service. However this is an area in which we excel and use our previous experiences to the client’s advantage by pre-empting situations before they get out of hand.

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