staff vetting services

Staff vetting services

Introducing new staff into your business can be a risky procedure if you are not able to verify references from their past employment history. This can be particularly important if you work with sensitive information or a secure environment such as a business handling valuable goods or large sums of cash.

If you are hiring personal staff members for your household, making an error in judgement can have serious consequences for both you and your family. Introducing an individual to household environment is a huge element of trust in their loyalty and qualifications as a reliable, trustworthy individual.

Staff vetting is vital for individuals that have direct contact with children and other vulnerable people such as the elderly or disabled. Their position of trust can easily be abused when dealing with those in their care and it is important to be sure that they can be relied upon for a professional work ethic and performance at all times.

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Full background check

Our staff vetting services include a full background check, ensuring that any criminal misconduct or past disputes with employers will instantly be flagged and brought to your attention.  This is especially important when adding staff to your household such as cleaners that need to be trusted handling valuable objects or family heirlooms and nannies or au pairs for the supervision of your children.

Sec Tech UK are able to recruit and vet staff for in-house and domestic positions to ensure that our clients always benefit from properly trained, qualified and vetted staff. This peace of mind is invaluable when leaving individuals in positions of responsibility with members of your family or your personal property and possessions.

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